Comprehensive Oral Health Services for Sullivan County

  About Us

Sullivan County Oral Health Collaborative (SCOHC) was established in March of 2004 to identify oral health needs and create access to dental care in Sullivan County. This collaboration of community leaders includes the Claremont Dental Initiative, Pathways of the River Valley, West Central Behavioral Health, Valley Regional Hospital, New London Hospital, United Way of Sullivan County, Claremont Kiwanis, and representatives from the dental community and public. The result of the collaborative’s work is Community Dental Care of Claremont

The development of our dental center was overseen by the Sullivan County Oral Health Collaborative, Inc, (SCOHC), a nonprofit established to plan and implement a community dental care center in Sullivan County.

SCOHC’s multi-level business plan creates access, while uniquely serving those most in need. As a non-profit, all profits from private and public payments go back into the business to create more access for all.

Poor dental health has a negative effect on all aspects of life. It leads to increased absenteeism in both the work place and school. SCOHC recognizes that access to dental care affects everyone in Sullivan County. The need for access stretches across all age groups and all economic situations. This practice has begun to fill a void that is greatly needed.

We welcome all infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and adults of Sullivan County. 

Our Mission

 "To Enhance Oral Healthcare Through Access to Care For People in Sullivan County, Specifically Serving Low-To-Moderate Income Individuals and Families."

Special Thanks

Endowment for Health
Byrne Foundation
NH Charitable Foundation
Common Man
North Country Smokehouse
Citizens Bank
Claremont Savings Bank
Hubert’s of Claremont
Laconia Bank
Delta Dental Foundation
Agnes Lindsay Trust
Newport Fund
Kiwanis of Claremont
Ladies Union Aid Society
Valley Regional Hospital
Pathways of the River Valley
Rock Dental of New London Hospital
Sullivan County United Way
Newport Rotary Club
...& many other area citizens